Poikiloderma Before and After Pictures

Poikiloderma Before and After

Overview | Treatment

Poikiloderma is a somewhat common condition in Southern California because of the year-round sun exposure we get. Although it’s a common condition, almost no one knows how to describe it other than…my neck and chest are discolored. If you’ve got redness, age spots or brown discoloration on your neck or chest, consider laser treatments at Celibre to even the color.


Poikiloderma has the following characteristics:

  • The neck especially can appear reddish or reddish-brown and leathery in texture
  • The chest can be red, brown, or both and be leathery or rough in texture
  • The chest can have vertical creases or wrinkles that run vertically down toward the area between the breasts
  • Age spots may be present, more often on the chest than neck
  • Brown splotchy discoloration can occur, normally at the chest

Poikiloderma is one of the toughest conditions we treat. Even though the process may be slow, we’ve created a protocol using three different lasers (IPL too) to get you a significant improvement in the tone and texture of your neck and chest. Brown Band Light (or more commonly Intense Pulsed Light) can be used to remove both red and brown discoloration. It is most commonly used as a finishing tool after q-switched and pulsed dye laser treatment. Q-switched lasers get red or heavy brown discoloration such as age spots. Pulsed dye laser gets rid of more profound and visible blood vessels. IPL helps with both of these issues and is usually the last step.

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