Treatment of Poikiloderma

Poikiloderma Treatment

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Poikiloderma didn’t just develop after an afternoon in the sun, so it’s important for you to keep in mind that reversing it will often be a process that occurs over time as well. Our skilled professionals at Celibre will craft a plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. We will incorporate the use of both of our pulsed-dye and q-switched lasers to help erase the redness and brownish discoloration of Poikiloderma.


The pulsed-dye laser works by targeting hemoglobin, which is a component of the red blood cell present in the blood. The redness of Poikiloderma occurs due to increased vascularity in the skin. This means lots and lots of new, tiny, microscopic blood vessels have formed in the skin and this laser effectively targets all of them. As the vessel absorbs the energy of the pulsed-dye laser, its walls are damaged which effectively shuts it down. The body will then reabsorb these collapsed blood vessels over time.

In the case of the q-switched laser, its target is melanin or pigmentation within the skin. This laser is used for many different things. Freckles, sun spots, tattoos, and birthmarks can all be treated with it. In Poikiloderma, the brown discoloration is from an increase of melanin in the skin, which makes it the perfect target for a q-switched laser.

Treatments of Poikiloderma with these lasers can feel a bit different, but most patients will say that during both, they feel a sensation of heat with a snapping or pricking sensation when the laser is fired. Most will describe it as very tolerable. Depending on how much Poikiloderma we are treating, treatments can take anywhere between 15-60 minutes. There is no damage to the outer layer of skin, so most patients will go back to work and carry on their day immediately after treatment.

The pulsed-dye laser can leave you with some bruising. And the q-switch laser can sometimes make your pigmentation look worse or darker before it eventually fades away, but rest assured, these are very temporary and generally last only a few days.

Go ahead, throw out those turtlenecks and high collars! Wear the clothes you want and feel good about the way your skin looks. Please give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. We are looking forward to discussing how our laser treatment program for Poikiloderma can help you get back the skin you love, permanently!

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