Latisse Eyelashes Treatment

Latisse Eyelashes Treatment

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Once you start daily application of Latisse, it’s only a matter of weeks before you’ll start to see your lashes look a bit longer. Then in a few more weeks, you’ll notice that they look thicker and darker. Because Latisse works on each and every individual lash, the results are amazing! And usually, after 16 weeks, you can see the full benefits of Latisse.


Some of our patients ask us if they can just stop at that point. With Latisse, if you don’t use it, you lose it, so continuing is important if you like the results. At Celibre, we discuss all options for you to continue seeing the benefits of Latisse, including reducing the amount and/or the frequency of product application. The best part is, you can individualize your treatment with our guidance to see what works best for you.

Generally, we will tell you that one drop, carefully applied with the supplied applicator brush to each upper lid lash line once nightly at bedtime is sufficient to see results with Latisse. And it’s perfectly safe to use daily! It should not be used if your eyelid skin is irritated or inflamed. But even patients with permanent makeup are wowed by the results of Latisse and can’t believe the added drama their new and improved lashes give their eyes.

Latisse is a medication. It isn’t a cosmetic. So careful use, under medical supervision is required. About 4% of patients using Latisse in the clinical trials had unwanted side effects. These were usually irritation and redness of the eyelid skin and eyes during treatment. While usually mild, these side effects generally went away with continued use, and may be your body’s response while getting used to Latisse. And while it wasn’t noted in the clinical trials for Latisse, there have been a few cases of a darkening or discoloration of the iris of the eye (the colored part) with bimatoprost drops, so it’s important to apply the correct amount in the correct way.

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