Take a look a the photo below. This well known actress appears to have had some injection work done, most likely Botox and fillers which have created some unintended consequences.

los angeles botox injection

First the Botox. On the side of the nose, she has what is commonly referred to in the industry as “bunny lines”. Bunny lines appear on the side of the nose most often in response to utilizing too much Botox Cosmetic to the forehead and brow area. You’re probably saying to yourself, How does Botox injected in the forehead cause lines around the nose? Well, Botox relaxes the muscles it is injected into so that wrinkles smooth out and disappear. But when the muscles injected are relaxed too much, it can cause other muscles to work harder to animate the face (smile, frown, etc.). As these “unopposed muscles” strengthen in response to the overuse of Botox in other areas, they can create unintended consequences, such as the bunny lines. This wrinkling of the sides of the nose looks unnatural.

Now bring your attention to her mouth. It would appear that her injector augmented (filled) the pink part of the mouth without also addressing the vermillion border which is the area wherein the pink of the lip is outlined by the white part of the mouth.. When the lips are injected in the body rather than the border, they tend to “roll” over the teeth, giving the appearance of a swollen or fattened lip. This is what makes them look unnatural.

Whether injecting Botox Cosmetic or cosmetic dermal fillers, the concept is to enhance the appearance of the face and to bring interest to an area using the natural form and contour of the patient’s face. In this case, that concept has been ignored resulting in an overdone appearance that invites negative attention. To the untrained eye, most will only notice that something isn’t quite right. To an experienced practitioner, we think of all that should have been done differently.

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