Botox is an extremely safe product with a long history of use and a proven safety record. In fact, Botox Cosmetic has a better safety history than Aspirin. The product is derived from a purified protein produced in a laboratory setting, and because of the controlled way in which it is injected, it is extremely safe. Botox Cosmetic is used in millions of cosmetic procedures across the nation and is a trusted, reliable product from the manufacturer, Allergan. Botox Cosmetic has never been shown to be related to the death of a patient and the worst side effect commonly reported is a heaviness of the brow or eyelid.

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Sensationalism Makes for Good Media Stories

So why the horrible stories in the media? Quite frankly, because this makes for better hype and news. Suggesting that someone suffered a horrible reaction after receiving Botox injections is far more sensational than reporting on the millions of treatments that simply enhance one’s appearance. The few actual documented cases of a serious adverse event did not involve Botox Cosmetic produced by Allergan but were from another source wherein the botulism toxin was present. This is why it is imperative to be an educated consumer that does not receive Botox treatments at so-called parties, or in the back room of a hair salon. Other more recent cases involved extremely high doses of Botox Medical (not Botox Cosmetic) used in young patients with cerebral palsy that were severely immune-compromised already.

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