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How Can Botox Help Lift My Brows?

Better known as the Botox brow lift, this injection technique can be tailored to your features to help lift and reshape your eyebrows. By relaxing the muscles around the eyes in certain areas with varying doses of Botox (or Dysport), you will see a relaxation in the downward pull on your brow which causes a lift upwards. The forehead muscle (the frontalis) that resists this downward movement has less resistance pulling against it and thus elevates. By relaxing more in some places and less in others, you can create an arch, even if you’ve always had a straight or flat brow all your life! This subtle lift may only measure out to 1-2 mm, which doesn’t sound like much, but the impact on your appearance is huge. Graceful, curved brows and brighter, more open eyes can give you a truly refreshed and more youthful look.


The patient below received Botox Injections to achieve a Brow lift.

botox browlift

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