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Back hair is embarrassing and inconvenient for some men. Knowing this, many look for ways to get rid of back hair, relying on everything from shavers to creams to waxing to get the job done.

But how effective are these commonly used methods of hair removal for a man’s back? Shavers are cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. The results, however, are even more dubious, with hair growth returning within a matter of days. Similarly, gels and creams can remove hair for a short period of time, but before long it returns. They can sometimes produce allergic reactions, which can result in more harm than good, with additional side effects including breakouts following their use. Waxing, although effective, produces significant discomfort and requires follow up treatments at about 6-8 week intervals.

To permanently and effectively get rid of back hair, there is only one method of treatment capable of delivering permanent results and consistently high rates of satisfaction: laser hair removal.

The cost of laser hair removal to get rid of back hair is comparable to about 5 years of waxing and higher than removing hair from other areas of the body (due to the large surface area on which treatment must be performed). However, it is a worthwhile investment if you or your partner finds back hair it to be cosmetically unattractive.

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