Can a Keloid Scar be Permanently Removed?

Keloid scars are a difficult problem to have. If you suffer with keloids, you’ve probably asked at least one doctor what can be done to help. We’ll bet that you were told that they are hard to treat. While this is true to some extent, treatment of keloids is not impossible. However, it’s important for you to understand that complete removal may not be the end goal. Often, the treatments for keloids help shrink or soften them, making them less noticeable.

What makes a keloid hard to treat is that there are two different components that people with them don’t like: the raised, firm texture and the color. There really isn’t one single treatment that can simultaneously tackle both these features, so keloid treatment usually occurs in phases, depending on what bothers you the most.

If the color is what you dislike most, we can use our pulsed dye laser to help with this. However, these lasers target the blood vessels in the keloid, so they only work on red colored scars. Brown colored keloids can be more difficult to treat. At Celibre Medical, we’ve experimented with a few different solutions and we can try one of those that may work best for you.

If the texture is what bothers you the most, steroid injections can help soften and flatten out the scar. These work by breaking down the keloids dense, tough, fibrous tissue. Everyone responds differently to steroids, so the exact number of injections that you will need to see improvement can vary from person to person.

Here at Celibre Medical, we have extensive experience treating keloid scars. We have found through our years of experience that no two are exactly alike. We focus on creating a unique, individualized treatment plan using a variety of tools to help your keloid look as much like normal skin as possible.

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