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At Celibre, we are often asked about why we do not provide cellulite and fat reduction treatments. There are two primary reasons. The first and foremost is that we question the efficacy of these treatments since they are always administered with a diet and exercise program simultaneously. We question whether the results seen in any before and after photos (which are few and far between) are the results of the treatment itself or the result of the diet and exercise. Because we question the efficacy of these treatments, we are concerned that offering them in our practice will lead to lower patient satisfaction and less referrals. We like to under-promise and over-deliver with our procedures and we feel that it would be difficult to do this with these types of procedures. It is important to note that we are not questioning the validity of these treatments on our own. It is only after doing our own research, and speaking with many, many patients and practitioners that we have chosen to avoid cellulite reduction and fat reduction treatments and injections.

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The second reason we do not provide the treatments is that most of them do not involve lasers. We try to focus almost exclusively on laser procedures because it is what we know best. The few procedures that do use lasers for liposuction are too invasive for our office setting and require a surgical setting. There is no shortage of treatments that are designed (or claim) to treat fat and cellulite. Trying to understand the various programs and technologies can be quite overwhelming for the average consumer.

Common treatments for cellulite and fat reduction use laser-assisted melting of the fat – heating and manipulating it – to smooth out the tissue, radio frequency for tightening of the skin, and injections of off-label, non-FDA approved “cocktails” into the fatty tissue for dissolving fat. Marketing of these services focuses on body shaping with proclamations of less downtime and discomfort than traditional liposuction. Keep in mind that treatments that claim to remove fat are not the same as those designed to treat cellulite, although the two methods are often combined for improved outcomes.

The various treatments offered include Mesotherapy, LipoZap, LipoDissolve, Cool Lipo,VelaSmooth, and many more. Some of these are non-FDA approved and have serious concerns associated with the treatment. Others are not supported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), while others have demonstrated effective outcomes combined with safety.

No doubt, the market and consumer demand is the driving force behind the proliferation of cellulite and fat reduction treatments. Although we are concerned with long-term outcomes, efficacy vs. risks, and affordability – simply put, we are concerned about the effectiveness of these procedures and are focused and committed to what we know and do best…laser skin care.



Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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