Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Forehead Scars

Accidents happen. We see several patients weekly who come to us asking for help reducing the appearance of traumatic scars from caused by injuries or accidents. Surprisingly, there is little expertise out there for treatment of these types of scars. Until 2010, we had limited options to help people improve their scars!

We started performing fractional laser resurfacing in 2013 for cosmetic resurfacing, and we quickly became intrigued by the concept of using this laser for the improvement of traumatic scarring. Since then, we’ve treated hundreds of patients each year with this device and our results have been amazing!  The patient in the pictures below had a car accident in which she suffered forehead lacerations. She received proper medical attention and had stitches for her wounds, but she developed several scars as a result. We treated her with a series of three separate treatments and she was thrilled with her results—and so were we!

You might be wondering how treating a scar with a laser helps it look better.  The answer is that the laser creates a controlled injury and when your body heals, new collagen is created, but this collagen is deposited in a more organized fashion because of the control we have with lasers. The “abnormal” scar tissue is replaced with skin that is more “normal” looking. This helps it look and feel better.

Not all fractional lasers can be used on everyone though. The Sciton Profractional is an exception. It is safe for all skin types (colors) because it is an Erbium rather than CO2 laser. This gives us the ability to help all patients who want fractional laser resurfacing treatment of scars including Hispanics, African Americans and Asians.

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