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For lack of a better term, “road rash” is often used to describe traumatic injuries that occur when someone has contact with the ground such as gravel, sand, pavement, and asphalt. Even when a cut or wound is irrigated after injury, there may be some staining or color left in the skin and tissue well after healing has taken place. This condition may be referred to as “traumatic tattoos” or “road scars”. With this condition, early laser treatment leads to improved outcomes. Class IV medical lasers are an excellent option to resolve discoloration related to road rash scars. Outcomes can be dramatic with laser treatments being safe for all skin types. Many consumers and medical professionals are unaware of the cosmetic concerns that a patient may have once an injury has healed. Knowing which laser options are available to treat road rash is a good place to begin.

Road Rash Scar Removal Treatments

Scar Removal Consultations

road rash scars before laser treatment road rash scars after laser treatment
Scar Removal Before and After Pictures


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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