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Acne patients often come to us with much dryness and flaking of the skin. Irritated skin usually appears pink/red and appears as if it just doesn’t “feel good.” It is common for these patients to believe that their acne responds better if their skin is kept in this state – overly dry. Over-use of products and excessive washing usually leads to this lack of pH balance in the skin. In our experience, acne patients have been led to believe that acne is caused from the skin being dirty and oily, which is why they wash excessively and try to dry their skin out. All that is being accomplished is a stripping away of the natural acid mantle of our skin.

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Our bodies always strive for what is referred to as “homeostasis”, a medical term that means balance. This is true with all body systems, including our largest organ – the skin! When our bodies sense an imbalance (lack of homeostasis) it will take steps to compensate for this to remedy the situation. For instance, when our skin stays too dry for too long – the sebaceous glands wake up and begin working hard to produce more oil. This can attribute to the vicious cycle of acne that we often see when a patient dries out their skin too much with washing.

At Celibre, we promote healthy skin by achieving a healthy pH balance – not too oily and not too dry. Using inexpensive but effective acne skin care products we help our acne patients achieve a healthy pH balance and to develop good skin care habits. Skin that isn’t dry and irritated not only feels better – it looks better with less acne and less oil!

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