How Is Poikiloderma Treated

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Poikiloderma is a term that is used to describe sun damage (photo-aging) on the face, neck, and chest. This skin condition is represented by red and brown discoloration and also a slightly rough texture in the sun exposed areas of the neck and chest. The redness is a result of superficial vascularity as a result of sun exposure. The brown discoloration is also a form of sun damage and may give a mottled appearance to the skin.

Because class IV medical lasers are very specific and effective in what they treat – both colors are treated with two different lasers. Pulsed dye lasers treat the red pigment whereas Q-Switched YAG lasers treat the brown discoloration. Besides fading or resolving the discoloration, these lasers also stimulate collagen which leads to improved skin texture. There is no downtime with these types of laser treatments.

sun damage neck chest laser treatment los angeles before and after pictures

Poikiloderma photo (courtesy of eMedicine)

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