Is Botox Really Safe?

The Truth Unveiled: Botox Safety Exposed

Is Botox safe? Absolutely! Why then all the negative publicity? Because it makes for good drama! It would be boring to talk about the millions and millions of successful, safe, and effective Botox treatments that have occurred around the world since Botox (and Dysport) were first introduced over 20 years ago.

If you do the research yourself, you’ll see that commonly used, over-the-counter aspirin has a much worse safety profile and higher incidence of adverse reactions than Botox Cosmetic®! Surprising, but true.

Is Botox Really Safe? Botox Los Angeles before picture Is Botox Really Safe? Botox Los Angeles before picture

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The Truth about Botox: Safety and Efficacy

Botox Cosmetic® is produced in a strictly-controlled laboratory setting by Allergan, a reputable, global pharmaceutical company. It is a highly-purified protein that when prepared and injected according to the manufacturer’s specifications, is both safe and effective. Since there are not many mass media appeal to these facts, we sometimes hear of severe, adverse reactions to “Botox” that was purchased from sources other than Allergan and used improperly.

In previous reports of adverse reactions to “Botox”, it is used in extremely high doses in immunocompromised children with cerebral palsy. For healthy adults having FDA-approved injections of Botox Cosmetic®, the worst reported adverse reaction has been ptosis—a temporary, completely reversible lowering of the eyebrow or drooping of the eyelid.

There are unsafe Botox practices out there, so what’s the best way to avoid them? Have your injections been done by a reputable, licensed practitioner? Avoid “Botox parties” and “great deals” offered by hair salons, spas, Groupon, and other non-medical entities. Will it cost more? Probably. But your safety and peace of mind are well worth it!

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