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When fielding questions from our patients, we are often asked why we have so many lasers or what the difference is between Laser A and Laser B? While this is not a simple question to answer, let’s start with a small bit of laser physics. The visible light spectrum (or rainbow as we know it) is comprised of different colors of visible light. In contrast laser light (sometimes visible and sometimes invisible depending on the type of laser) is comprised of only one color (or wavelength). The fact that dermatology lasers use only one type (or color) of light makes them very precise and powerful compared to visible light. The fact that all the light energy from a laser is the same also allows us to use lasers for many different types of dermatology conditions. For example, a particular type of orange light (with a wavelength of 590 billionths of a meter) is very much attracted to hemoglobin, which is part of the blood. For this reason, this laser is particularly useful for treating small blood vessels, Rosacea and Vascular birthmarks, like Port Wine Stains while not harming or affecting the surrounding tissue.

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Los Angeles Laser treatments. Different Lasers for Different skin conditions.

This idea of treating only that portion of the skin that we hope to change is called “selective photothermolysis” and it is the central reason why lasers are effective in treating many different types of skin conditions. Because each different type of laser is attracted to a different component of the skin, each one is best at treating one or two different types of conditions. This is the reason that we have over 20 lasers at Celibre Medical. We treat lots of different skin conditions and to treat each of them with the most effective laser device, we need to have many different machines.

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Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C

Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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