Botox Cosmetic has a myriad of excellent and popular uses in today’s dermatology world. But certain uses are definitely more prevalent than others. Below, we would like to highlight several lesser known uses for Botox.

Brow Lift

A lateral brow lift refers to placing Botox to the outer edge of the eyebrows to create a subtle lifting of this area. This outcome is natural in its appearance because it allows the brows to return to their normal position when the eye muscle isn’t contracting and pulling this area down. Typical dose is 5 to 7 units each side.

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botox brow lift los angeles before botox brow lift los angeles after

Upper Lip Wrinkles

Often referred to as “smoker’s lines”, vertical lines above the upper lip isn’t necessarily from smoking. The mouth muscle is quite strong and pulls down and inward like a purse string effect as time goes on. By using a small amount of Botox above the upper lip border, we are able to achieve softening of the lines as well as a subtle eversion or rolling out of the upper lip. This provides a natural, more youthful appearance. Typical dose is 4 to 8 units.

smokers lines botox restylane before smokers lines botox restylane after

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Pebble Chin

Small amounts of Botox to the mentalis muscle (chin) results in a softening of the chin to prevent the dimpling effect when this muscle contracts. Typical dose is 4 to 6 units.

botox for pebble chin before botox for pebble chin after

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