Some Little-Known Uses of Botox

When you think about Botox, chances are you think about getting rid of the dreaded “11” frown lines between your brows or smoothing out your forehead wrinkles. While it’s true that Botox is the best fix for these concerns, it also has many other lesser-known uses. We’ll discuss three other common facial concerns that Botox can address in a snap!

The Lateral Brow Lift

Your lateral brow is the outer edge of your eyebrow. As we get older, repeated squinting, squeezing, and blinking of the purse-string-like muscle encircling the eye can pull the outer eyebrow down, and guess what? That makes you look older and your upper eyelid look heavy. Botox can be injected into a part of the muscle that lies just beneath this part of your eyebrow to relax it. This allows the muscles that lift the brow to take over, resulting in a more youthful, awake, and refreshed appearance for your eyes.

botox brow lift los angeles before botox brow lift los angeles after

Upper Lip Wrinkles

These wrinkles are often referred to as “smoker’s lines”, but smoking isn’t the only thing that causes them. If you’ve spent time in the sun or are losing facial volume you may be developing these pesky little lines. Many of us just develop them naturally as we get older due to the everyday movements we use in speaking and facial expression. They can cause that annoying little problem where your lipstick bleeds beyond the lip.  Luckily, Botox can help! The muscle around your mouth is a lot like the one around your eyes. It’s a strong, circular muscle that when contracted, causes your lips to pucker and makes those lines worse.

By injecting a few units of Botox into the muscle of the upper lip, we can soften these lines and dramatically reduce them. The trick here is finding the right dose: too little and you won’t see a change and too much and you may not be able to pucker or pronounce words that require you to contract your upper lip. However, getting it right can really soften those lines and even help your upper lip look smoother and help that lipstick glide on.

smokers lines botox restylane before smokers lines botox restylane after

Pebble Chin

We usually think of dimples as being “cute”. But when they’re on your chin, they’re anything but! Some people just develop an over-active chin muscle (or mentalis muscle) that causes a condition known as pebble chin. By relaxing this chin muscle with Botox, we can restore softness and smoothness to your chin. It usually only takes a few units to see improvement, but the results are impressive!

botox for pebble chin before botox for pebble chin after

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