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A little known side effect of injection procedures, including dermal fillers and sclerotherapy, is hemosiderin staining.

Hemosiderin staining is a long term bruise or brown discoloration that occurs deep in the skin in response to bruising or bleeding below the surface. It occurs most often during sclerotherapy treatments in the legs with darker skin patients such as Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and African American.

Sclerotherapy injections are used to treat and remove blood vessels and small veins. If the solution used to close the blood vessels leaks outside of the vein itself, it can cause a darkened area which looks like a brown bruise.

This is hemosiderin staining. The same type of brown staining can occur in dark skin types after bruising related to dermal filler injections in the face or from eyelid surgery.

In all of these instances, q-switched lasers are a quick, easy and effective way to get rid of the discoloration. Q-switched lasers are designed to remove tattoos and birthmarks, but we use these lasers to treat all types of dark pigment including long term bruising and dark scars.

Call today to learn more about how q-switched lasers can remove hemosiderin staining.

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