What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

If you’re a peri or postmenopausal woman, you may have heard the term “vaginal rejuvenation”. You’ve entered the next phase of womanhood and are probably experiencing a host of changes to your body—some more welcome than others! One of the problems that we hear most often about at Celibre Medical is the change in the appearance of the skin around the vagina. These folds of skin or “lips” as they’re referred to are called the labia majora.

There are three, distinct changes that can happen to the labia majora during and around the time of menopause: changes in texture, change in volume and change in color. Our vaginal rejuvenation program consists of specific interventions that can correct or reverse these changes.

Texture: Around the time of menopause, many woman notice a textural change of the skin of their labia majora. Due to decreasing or a lack of hormonal stimulation, you may notice this tissue “shrinks” and “shrivels” a bit. We can use our Sciton Profractional laser to stimulate the development of more collagen in your area. This helps it look smoother, fuller and more supple once. We typically recommend you have 2 to 3 treatments at close to monthly intervals.

Volume: The changes discussed in the above section can not only affect the texture of your skin, but also the volume of labia as well. Loss of tissue volume can cause the labia to look flat, saggy, and may even make wearing certain clothing, like pants, painful or uncomfortable. For this issue, we can inject hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Restylane Lyft into the labia. This product works very well to restore volume as it powerfully attracts and absorbs water. This treatment may also improve the skin quality of the area, so it often works hand-in-hand with resurfacing and enhances your overall result. The results usually last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Color: If the skin on your labia has darkened over time, we can help correct this using either topical skin-lightening creams (8% hydroquinone) or q-switched lasers which targets excess melanin (skin pigment). The length of time and/or number of treatments that you’ll need can vary based on the amount of lightening you need and the size of the area that’s treated.

Again, it’s important to mention that while these changes are normal, they can be worrisome and affect your confidence and desire for intimacy. If you’re suffering with these changes, you don’t have to simply accept them. There are effective, safe solutions for you that really work!


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