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Acne rosacea is a combination of acne and the skin condition Rosacea, which causes facial redness.

Acne rosacea usually appears as very small to medium sized red papules (pimples, blemishes, lesions) with much facial redness, dryness and/or irritation in the same areas where the red papules are. Acne Rosacea patients usually are light-skinned and have a history of very “sensitive” skin. It is not unusual for those with Acne Rosacea to be self-diagnosed with just acne.

Although the two conditions, acne and Rosacea, are separate and distinct, they actually become one condition (Acne Rosacea) when they coexist. The two conditions “feed off of” each other so to speak. This means that the increased blood flow (vascularity) that causes the facial redness also exacerbates (makes worse) the acne condition. One condition should not be treated without treating the other as this will hinder results. There are a few theories as to what causes acne rosacea.

At Celibre, we have effectively treated Acne Rosacea with a combination of the Aramis and pulsed dye lasers. Photo-dynamic therapy with Levulan can also be beneficial for Acne Rosacea treatment. Correct skin care products can help control this condition by calming the skin and providing gentle cleansing.

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