What is Melasma?

While it may have a funny, unique-sounding name, melasma is an all-too-common problem. Maybe you or someone you know has it, but you didn’t know it had a name? It causes dark, brown patches most commonly found at the upper cheek, upper lip and forehead. These brown spots come on quickly (during pregnancy, starting birth control, over the summer or after a vacation) can be large and are often symmetrical. Worse, they are almost impossible to cover up with make-up!

Many women are confused about what causes melasma. In truth, we aren’t 100% sure either! But, we know that there are a variety of triggers and that hormonal changes play a major role. Pregnancy (pregnancy mask/chloasma), the use of birth control pills and menopause are common in the onset of the condition.  Many patients believe that sun exposure, heat and humidity cause Melasma, but in reality they can make it worse, but not cause it.

* Melasma before and after photos

Because the exact cause remains unknown, Melasma can be treated but in many cases remains chronic.  Often, people who have it struggle over their lifetime with it.  Even so, your condition is not hopeless and we can effectively manage this difficult condition!

We understand the frustration and difficulty you’re going through when you have melasma. Chances are you’ve tried many different things to look and feel better, but many aren’t successful. We are here to help you! We can help you understand your condition better, provide an excellent treatment option and explain how to modify your lifestyle to avoid Melasma triggers.

With a good treatment partner, you can have clearer skin and win over melasma! Celibre Medical has helped many women (and a few men) gain control over it and keep it in check. We are confident that we can do the same for you.

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