What Is The Best Treatment For Depressed Acne Scars

Depressed acne scars affect the smoothness or texture of the skin. These scars can also be referred to as “atrophic acne scars” or “boxcar acne scars” due to their shape. They may have sharp cliff-like edges or have a scooped out appearance. These acne scars can be difficult scars to treat due to their size and fibrous nature.

We have found that non-ablative laser treatments (those that have no downtime and are non-invasive) are not the best choice for these types of acne scars. Instead, we believe that laser resurfacing is a good option for depressed acne scars.

There are many newer technologies for laser resurfacing and the best treatment option is determined based on the the degree of your scarring and your skin type. In some situations where scarring is profound, punch excision may be a better option.

This is a technique wherein the physician excises (cuts out) the damaged scar area and sutures it closed to form a clean, discrete scar.

Evaluating these are options for improvement is a good first step in treating depressed acne scars.

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