What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

Determining Laser Hair Removal Cost and Treatment Plan

We often hear this question and our response is that it varies. It depends on the type of hair you have, the type of skin you have, the amount of area to be treated and the laser to be used. We would rather see the patient in person to determine the price because it helps us set proper expectations regarding the cost, number of treatments and expected outcome. With that said, it may be possible to compare prices for laser hair removal facilities, but our caution would always be to find a practitioner with lots of experience with the procedures and the right type of laser for your skin type.

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One of the main mistakes consumers make when choosing a practitioner for laser hair removal is that they shop for the cost of a single treatment rather than considering the total cost of laser hair removal. The total price for laser hair removal is the cost per treatment times the number of treatments. Also, it is implied when a potential patient asks us how much laser hair removal costs, that they believe that no matter which facility they go to, that the ultimate results will be the same.

This could not be farther from the truth. When a facility prices their procedures very low, they have to cut costs any way they can. Cutting back on training or expertise by hiring inexperienced nurses is one way. Using inferior and cheaper lasers is another way. And finally, a third is to rush the patient through treatment by not taking as much time or covering as much area. All of these cost cutting strategies can lead to worse outcomes, more treatments required and/or less hair removed.

Research, Consultations, Trust: Determining Laser Hair Removal Price

Our advice to our patients and consults alike is to do lots of research. Find out what others are saying about the facility, which lasers they have and how much experience the nurses or physicians performing the treatments have. Lastly, go to several consultations. We’ve found that our patients value the trusted relationship we develop with them and the results that we deliver. The old saying “you get what you pay for” will go a long way in determining the question – what is the price for laser hair removal?

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Lori Ishii Haney, RN, MEP-C

Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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