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Each state has its own regulations or agencies that address the issue of who may perform laser treatments. Although many states have not been very specific in their positions, the general consensus is that it is imperative that states, regulatory boards, and the medical community become very proactive in defining regulations to protect the consumer.

Because cosmetic laser technology continues to advance at a fast rate, it has become a challenge for legislation to keep pace. For example, a few states are quite restrictive and only permit a medical doctor to perform class IV medical laser procedures for skin conditions. On the far other end of the spectrum are many states that have no current regulations as to who is permitted to operate these high powered lasers. California has taken a more balanced approach by permitting only licensed registered nurses, physician assistants, and medical doctors to perform these procedures. Also, California requires that there be a Physician overseeing the practice. At Celibre, we are setting a higher standard of practice by being a laser training site and provider of continuing education credits for the Board of Registered Nursing. We also promote strict guidelines by using continuously updated Standardized Procedures and Protocols, competency testing and outside training.

When choosing a Los Angeles laser practitioner in California, make certain that those performing the treatments are not only licensed, medical professionals but that they are properly trained with good experience. Be an advocate for yourself and ask lots of probing questions. Go to multiple consultations to learn as much as you can. Being in compliance with current regulations is only part of the equation…laser training is equally important to ensure proper safety and good outcomes.


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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