Pigmented (brown) birthmarks or lesions are best treated with a class of medical lasers known as Q-switched lasers. With Q-switched lasers, the thermal (heat) energy is able to reach very high peak powers because very short pulses of light energy are used (pulses are measured in billionths of a second). The high peak power and short pulse width used by Q-switched lasers is necessary to destroy the cells that hold the color while at the same time preserving the surrounding skin and tissue. Not all Q-switched lasers are safe and appropriate for all skin types. At Celibre, we utilize Q-switched Yag lasers which can safely treat all skin colors.

Los Angeles Laser birthmark Removal before and after pictures Los Angeles Laser birthmark Removal before and after pictures

Traditionally, pigmented (brown) birthmarks represent quite a challenge to treat. Even with the use of Q-switched lasers, these birthmarks may or may not be responsive to laser treatments. Until technology advances, these group of lasers are your best option when seeking treatment for birthmark removal, but each patient may respond differently and there is no guarantee that all birthmarks can be removed with Q-switched lasers. One must remember that, although complete resolution of a birthmark is possible, the goal and expectation should be improvement first.

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