Aging Face Symmetry

Symmetry equals beauty. Almost all things found in nature that are symmetrical are thought of as beautiful: butterflies, flowers and snowflakes are just to name a few. The human face is no different. There is something about the way our brain processes symmetry that makes things that have it appealing to us.

facial symmetryA select few of us (Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry) are lucky enough to be born with almost perfectly symmetrical features. The rest of us just tend to get by and make the most of what we’ve got! However, as we age, the symmetry of our face can actually change (or get worse!). There are many reasons this happens. Bone loss, repetitive facial expressions, even excessive sun damage on one side from driving or sitting day after day at a desk near a window can all add up to a less symmetrical face when we’re older. Differences in volume and skin laxity combine to give us uneven folds and contours.

Thankfully, treatments like Botox can help selectively soften, relax and lift one side or the other, depending on what’s needed where. Dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm can also be used to correct differences in volume in nearly any area of the face, restoring a more beautiful, youthful symmetry.

The patient in the photographs below had volume loss in the outer chin area, which accentuated her asymmetry. By skillfully injecting Restylane into this area, we were able to add more balanced volume to both sides of her chin and give her a fuller, more symmetrical appearance.

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