How Can Botox Help the Lines Between My Eyes?

Get Rid of Unwanted Wrinkles with Botox Treatment

Are you sick of those annoying little lines between the eyes? Do friends or family think you’re angry even when you’re not? Not to worry, Botox (Dysport) is a fast, easy and effective way to smooth out those “frown” lines between the eyes, commonly referred to as “the 11’s”.

These lines form because of a set of three muscles located in the area just above and in between the eyes. Collectively, these muscles are known as the glabellar complex and when they contract, they pull the eyebrows down and in. When Botox is carefully injected into all of these muscles, they relax and can no longer contract to form those lines in the skin.

One other bonus: when the glabellar complex is relaxed, the forehead muscle (the frontalis) works even better to pull those eyebrows up. The net result is smoother skin between the eyes and higher brows, which all make you look happy, relaxed, and more awake!

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