Will My Spider Veins Come Back After Treatment?

We understand how hard it can be to have embarrassing spider veins on your legs or cheeks. Sometimes, it can feel like they limit you in almost everything from what you wear to your activities. Here at Celibre Medical, we have a very effective laser treatment program for spider veins, and we’ve helped many people just like you feel good about showing their legs again in public! However, we have a very long talk with each of our spider vein patients about what exactly lasers can and can’t do for them before we ever do their first treatment.

los angeles spider vein removal before and after pictures

los angeles spider vein removal before and after pictures

Class IV medical lasers and sclerotherapy can safely and effectively eliminate or diminish the appearance of unwanted leg veins, but they don’t do anything to address the underlying cause. So, while they can help your legs look better, they can’t prevent you from ever getting spider veins again. Spider veins tend to run in families—it’s not a coincidence! There is an underlying genetic component that triggers the one-way valves in your leg veins to fail. These leaky valves allow blood to go in the wrong direction to the small (usually hidden) veins closer to the skin’s surface. As these fill up with blood, they enlarge and become visible.

Laser energy and sclerotherapy can close these enlarged, visible veins, but they can’t do anything to fix the valves. Most people need repeated laser treatments over their lifetime to help keep their legs looking good. Lasers are an important tool in controlling spider veins, but they are not a cure for them.

At Celibre Medical, we always make sure you completely understand this before we start laser treatments. We’ve found that many practices don’t take the time to help their patients understand this critical fact! We want you to be beyond satisfied with your results; an important part of your satisfaction is a complete understanding of the basic nature of your problem and how and why our treatments can help along with their limitations.

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