Cellulite Treatment

The Truth About Non-Surgical Cellulite and Fat Reduction

Every day at Celibre Medical, we’re asked why it is that we don’t offer cellulite and fat reduction treatments. Our answer is simple…we don’t feel that these treatments offer value to our patients and would rather have long term patients that trust us than short term profits from patients that are unhappy and feel like they wasted their money.

We understand that there’s demand for non-surgical fat reduction and cellulite treatments. Even for the fittest of us, cellulite and stubborn areas of fat can be frustrating because they limit our comfort in certain types of clothes as well as our ability to even wear certain things! We’d love to see safe, effective non-surgical treatments for this stubborn problem too, but we must honestly tell you that the technology is just not there (as of the beginning of 2018).

Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Concerns

Let us make an important clarification: fat reduction is not the same as cellulite reduction. Although some may tout treatments for the two as one-and-the-same and claim their complementarity, it is important to note that they are two separate problems. You need to make sure the procedure you’re researching treats the specific problem that you’re wanting to correct. Common procedures for fat and/or cellulite reduction include heating or freezing the fat, sometimes in combination with suction or message, radiofrequency skin tightening, and various non-FDA-approved injections (Mesotherapy) that purport to “melt”’ fat. Other names that you’ve heard may include Coolscuplt, LipoZap, LipoDissolve, CoolLipo, Velashape and VelaSmooth. Despite being FDA-approved, we want to warn you that some of these options lack support from peer-reviewed research or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). We encourage you to conduct your own research.

Now, our specific points on why we do not offer these services:

Efficacy. Here at Celibre, that’s the name of our game. We want to be know as a practice that only safe and effective treatments. We’ve researched all the available treatments mentioned above and few more and found them to be unreliable in terms of how well they work. After consulting with patients and practitioners well-versed in these treatments, we have confirmed that prescribing diet and exercise serves as an additional component to them. Now, what truly holds the secret to success with these treatments? Is it the diet and exercise that’s working or the treatment itself? If a treatment can’t reliably stand on its own without the diet and exercise, then we won’t offer it.

Honesty in Treatment Expectations

Value. We provide our patients with exceptional value for the treatments we offer. That means that we talk up-front with them about what we’re suggesting, what it can and can’t do to help them achieve their goals and the results they can expect. Our motto is under-promise and over-deliver on expectations. Cellulite and fat reduction treatments won’t reliably do this. Therefore, we don’t think they provide good value for you and they don’t enhance the value of our practice.

Testing the Latest Cellulite and Fat Reduction Techniques

Lastly, is focus. Laser skincare and injections is the focus of our practice. Although we’d like to be all things to all patients, we know we are very good at what we do and don’t try to offer every new service out there. We stick to what we know works well.

We understand there is growing interest in non-surgical cellulite and fat reduction treatments. We are as excited as you to see what comes next, but we’re not impressed with the current technologies.  We evaluate and test latest and greatest fat and cellulite reduction options and demand reliable, reproducible results before we consider integrating it into our practice. Our commitment is to patient satisfaction and we believe this focus is what makes us unique in the world of cosmetic dermatology.

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