Why You May Want to Reconsider “Cheap Botox”

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We know it’s tempting. You see that “Botox $8/unit” sign and you think, “Wow! I could really save if I just got my Botox there!” or “That’s the best price I’ve ever seen for Botox!”. But before you decide to go ahead and get that $8 per unit Botox, let us talk with you for a few minutes about why “cheap Botox” may cost you more in the long run.

First, what are you really getting injected with? We have been in the business of injecting Botox long enough to know that $8 per unit for Botox produced here in the U.S. is not economically feasible. What we mean is, as a business, you’re losing money if you’re selling U.S. produced Botox at this price. We also know that these practices are not buying their Botox from Allergan, the U.S. manufacturer because our sales representative can see who has ordered directly from the company.

So you are most likely getting Botox that is from overseas (somewhere) if you are paying this price. “So what?” you might be thinking. Well, what you’re losing is quality control, meaning no one is really sure what (or how much of it) is in that vial. Not a gamble that’s really worth a couple of hundred dollars when you sit back and think about it, huh?

Taking it a step further, if your injector isn’t really sure how much is in that vial, they may be tempted to give you a bit more than someone injecting U.S. based Botox would. Here is an example of how this backfires:

We recently had a patient who had had 50 units of Botox injected into her forehead for $600. Because she was “overdosed”, her eyebrows dropped. She was unhappy, didn’t look good and she was out $600. When we saw her, we dosed her with 15 units of Botox for her forehead. She spent $180, looked amazing and saved a whopping $420 just by coming to a facility that knows exactly what’s in that Botox vial.

We only inject U.S. based Botox because it’s just not worth the risk to our patients or our reputation to do otherwise! The bottom line is, that you have to know the TOTAL cost of your Botox treatment. Which means knowing the number of units that you’re injected with. Someone selling “cheap Botox” may use more units than what you really need. Which as you can see by the example above, can cost you more than just money!

Lastly, it is important to remember that Botox is a product, but it is also a service. The price that you pay for your injections includes the time, expertise and skill of the person injecting you. We can’t tell you how many patients come to our office and tell us how they’ve received Botox at a “party” where the doctor took five minutes to see them, inject them and then send them on their way. They almost felt like they were herded like cattle through an assembly line.

Sure, maybe they paid a bit less for their Botox, but is that approach really the right one? It may be for some, but if you’re looking for a more personal. Customized approach to your Botox injections, and you want to know that your concerns. Goals and questions will be given the proper time and attention that they deserve. Then you may want to consider paying a bit. More for your botox injections to have a higher level of care.

We pride ourselves on this approach. We won’t be the cheapest Botox out there, but we can promise you excellent value for your money.


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