Angioma Removal Treatment

Angioma Removal Treatment

Overview | Before and After Pictures

When you have decided you’ve had enough of seeing those little, red spots known as cherry angiomas, Celibre Medical Corporation can help you get rid of them using one of our simple, yet very effective vascular lasers.

We use a device called a hyfrecator to heat and remove the spots. Because cherry angiomas are growths of blood vessels, the device works effectively to get rid of them. The blood in the vessel absorbs the energy, and the heat is transferred to the blood vessel walls, causing them to collapse. Over time, the body simply reabsorbs the closed vessels. This causes the red spot to disappear.

While treatments are very safe and effective, these treatments can hurt a bit. Most patients describe a hot, stinging or snapping sensation during treatment that quickly resolves. Most treatment sessions are quick and only take a few minutes to complete. Best of all, there is absolutely no downtime after this treatment, so you will be able to get right back to your day!

Depending on how large the cherry angiomas are, you may need as few as a single treatment session be rid of them.

Make your free consultation with us today. We’d love to help you get rid of your cherry angiomas quickly, safely and effectively. Let us answer all of your questions about this simple and easy treatment and get you started today!

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