How Fillers Can Help Hide Dark Under Eye Circles

“What?” you’re probably asking as you read our title. “How can adding more of something help my bags look better? Shouldn’t you take something out rather than add it to an area that’s already puffy?” We know, it seems counter-intuitive, but trust us—it works!

There are a few different reasons why people develop under eye bags or hollow “tear troughs”. The end result for most people though is the same regardless of why their under eye area isn’t smooth: they look tired and older than they should.

Filler can and does help with these problems. Regardless of why they happen, dermal fillers like Restylane “bridge the gap” between an under-eye bag and your cheek. It can also fill a deep crease or tear trough which makes the lower eyelid look smoother and more youthful. Think of filler as a bit of a “camouflage” that helps hide some of the structural changes that happen in the under eye area with age. Because this area of the face moves very little and the filler is placed very deep, the results can last for quite a while (usually 6-12 months)!

Still not convinced? Just take a look through our before and after photo gallery to see some examples of patients with different under eye concerns who saw improvement from injections of dermal filler in this area.

If you’re concerned about the sensitivity of this area, you should be! It takes an extremely skilled and knowledgeable injector with plenty of experience to get these delicate injections just right. However, when done correctly, the results are truly amazing and there if usually very little pain, bruising or swelling afterwards.

Restylane for Loose Skin Under the Eyes Photo

Restylane for Dark Circles Photo – Age related

Restylane for Dark Circles Photo – Genetic

Puffiness and Wrinkles Under the Eyes Photo

Dark Circles and Eye Bags Hispanic Patient Photo

Young Patient for Dark Circles Under the Eyes Photo

Eye bags Before and After Restylane Injections Photo

Eye bags Caucasian Before and After Photo

Dark Circles Under Eyes Black Skin After Restylane Photo

Under Eye Hollows Before and After Juvederm Photo

Hollows Under the Eyes After Restylane Photo

Tired Under Eyes and Wrinkles Before and After Restylane Photo

Darkening Under the Eyes Young Ethnic Patient Before Juvederm Photo

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