Do Lasers Work For Stretch Marks?

Understanding Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Here at Celibre Medical, this is a common question. We hear it from our patients nearly every day! And while the question is nearly the same from everyone who asks it, the answer isn’t. The preferred question to ask is, “Am I a good candidate for laser treatment of my stretch marks?” This one is a bit easier to answer based on what your stretch marks look like.

We want our patients to be satisfied with their treatment—better yet, we want them to be ecstatic with their results. A huge part of our ability to do this lies with picking and choosing patients who are good candidates for the laser procedures that we provide. We will not promise results that aren’t realistic or that we know we can’t deliver on. As laser experts, we use our knowledge and expertise to determine who will respond to treatment and who won’t. While we wish we could treat each and every stretch mark with lasers and make them go away, we know that we can’t (at least not yet!).

Success with Laser Treatment

So, who is a good candidate? Someone who is younger, with newer or more recent stretch marks that are red, pink or brown in color. We also tend to have success with stretch marks that are more indented or sunken in—not flat. In general, flat (or raised), white stretch marks do not respond well to laser treatment. So, as you can see, answering this question really depends more on the qualities of your stretch marks than it does the laser.

Also, in many cases, you can expect improvement in the appearance of your stretch marks after laser treatment, but not 100% clearance. We always discuss this up front with you, and never after your treatment. We know a huge part of our success and your satisfaction depends on what expectations you have for your laser treatment. We will take the time to discuss this carefully with you to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

The name of our game is to under promise and over deliver. This is a fine line to walk, but we are very good at it; it’s helped us become one of the most trusted laser dermatology practices in the Los Angeles and torrance area.

stretch marks Treatmetn before and after
Stretch Marks Before and After Pictures

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