Patient Education is What Makes Us Different

We live in a fast paced world. Information is at our fingertips in an instant and we do more in a day now than previous generations did in a week’s time. Sounds like progress, right? Well, when it comes to the practice of medicine, not so much. Unfortunately, medical providers are too pressed for time to sit down and talk to their patients much anymore. We’re not saying every practitioner is like this, but many are. And while they may be able to “see” more patients in a day, sometimes patient education gets lost in the process.

Take our patient “Mary” for example. She came to us after seeing two different dermatologists over a two year period. One had diagnosed her with acne and the other with acne rosacea. Poor Mary was not only very confused about what her problem was; she had spent a considerable amount of both time and money on several different topical and oral medications. None of it had helped her much—in fact, by the time she made it to our office, her skin was red, dry and painful.

We took the time to sit down with Mary, ask her detailed questions about her skin and her breakouts. We physically looked at the skincare products she was using every day and made a detailed note of how each was used and what is seemed to do to her skin. Together, we devised a new, milder and gentler skincare routine and we started her on laser treatments for her skin.

Within two weeks, her skin was very much improved! By looking at her photos above, you can see what a difference our approach made for her. But we can’t take all the credit. Mary listened to our advice and was regimented about diligent, gentle skincare at home. We credit her with making the biggest difference in her skin!

All we did was take the time to listen and talk with her. This is what we love to do! We believe that making you a part of the treatment team is the best way to achieve successful skin care. Unfortunately, in our fast paced world today, this is the exception and not the norm in a medical office. Celibre Medical believes that patient education is the cornerstone of what we do. Forget the fancy lasers and expensive treatments—an educated patient will see the best results each and every time because they understand the why and how of what we ask them to do at home and what we do here in the office.

If you’d like to experience a different approach to skincare, we’d love to get started on the journey with you. You value your time and money and we will do the same. Together, we can help you achieve your skincare goals.

* Rosacea Before and After Pictures

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