EliminInk and/or Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal

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Naturally, as more of us get tattoos, more and more want to get rid of them. In the past several years, a few different companies have developed alternative treatments to laser tattoo removal. We’ve heard about these methods, and honestly have tried to research them, but the clinical information available on these products and methods is slim to none! That should be a red flag to anyone considering using them.

los angeles laser tattoo removal before and after pictureslos angeles laser tattoo removal before and after picturesThe two products we hear the most about are the EliminInk and Wrecking Balm. A quick and simple internet search will lead you scarce information on these other than YouTube videos of folks trying them out! Even the official manufacturer’s site gives you no information on what is in these products, the science behind them or any studies indicating that they are safe or effective!

EliminInk is a system that must be tattooed into the skin by a “trained” tattoo artist. It claims to break up the ink and bring it to the skin’s surface, thereby “removing” the tattoo. The company claims it is superior to laser tattoo removal and much quicker. We still can’t find official information on what exactly is being tattooed into the skin, but we believe it may contain tannic acid. Tannic acid is an oxidizing agent that can break up tattoo ink, but remember, this is inside your body! There are serious safety concerns about this ingredient’s effect on the liver as it is metabolized out of your system. In addition, anytime a device like a tattoo gun is used to remove ink, the possibility for scarring rises dramatically. Scarring may include keloid (raised) scars as well as areas of hypopigmentation (loss of skin pigment).

Wrecking Balm is another tattoo removal system that can be done at home. It claims to be effective and much cheaper than laser tattoo removal. The system is supposed to work by using a device that “abrades” a tattoo fading cream into the skin. Again, there’s not much information on what’s in the cream or the science on how this system can effectively remove tattoo ink that’s embedded deep within the dermal (deeper) layer of skin.

The bottom line for both of these products is that there is no other FDA approved way to remove a tattoo other than a laser. FDA approval means that a device or a drug has undergone a series of scientifically devised studies to prove it is safe and effective for you. We understand that laser tattoo removal can be time consuming and costly. If you’re interested in results and care about what you put on or into your body, there’s only one proven choice – lasers.

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