Fractional Resurfacing – Heat Matters!

Every day, we hear patients like you say they are overwhelmed and confused with the vast number of treatments and laser technologies being advertised. Joining the ever-growing list are new facials, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or the Vampire Lift), micro-needling, and numerous chemical peels. In our opinion, these options are often over-priced and over-promised.

Why? Because many are offered as alternatives to the benefits of laser resurfacing. The key fundamental reason why laser resurfacing will always outperform these other options for treating your wrinkles or acne scars is HEAT. All the other options lack the laser’s ability to generate heat and new collagen. It’s the heat that induces a thermal injury which contracts the triple band of collagen, induces new collagen formation, and keeps this chain of events rolling for several months during the healing process.

At Celibre Medical, we believe evidence trumps trends. Let us introduce you to the superior benefits of fractional laser resurfacing.

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