Can I Have Fraxel if I Have Dark Skin?

Do you have a darker skin type and wish that you could have laser resurfacing? Well, guess what? You can! But you’re not a candidate for every type of procedure, and you need to make sure that you partner with an experienced laser practitioner who has access to the specific type of device that is right for you.

Here at Celibre Medical, we offer personalized, expert care that includes laser resurfacing for darker skin types such as those who are of Asian, Hispanic or African American decent. We have heard over and over from these patients how they’ve previously been told that laser resurfacing wasn’t an option for them. This just is untrue. However, to get the results you are looking for and avoid unwanted complications, the correct technology must be used. We have more than 10 different devices in each of our Los Angeles and Torrance offices that can get the job done, and we use the Sciton Profractional laser (Erbium) to avoid side effects with darker skin types.

Below are photos of one of our patients who underwent fractional laser resurfacing of a traumatic forehead scar. She was thrilled with her results and you will be too! Please give us a call today to learn more about our fractional laser resurfacing program today.

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