Get Rid of Back Hair

Are you sick and tired of dealing (or trying to deal) with your back hair? Embarrassed every time you go to the beach or pool? Are you thinking you’d like to try something more permanent and effective than what you’ve been doing, but just aren’t sure it’s the right thing for you? Listen, Celibre Medical has seen many men like you over the past several years who think lasers are just too expensive, time-consuming and ineffective for them to consider.  Let us give you a few reasons why you may want to reconsider.

Before you say laser hair removal for the back is too expensive, let us make a comparison for you. Do you go in for waxing every 6-8 weeks? Then you could pay for your laser hair removal in 5 years. That’s right, for what you spend for just 5 years of waxing, which you have to go back for over and over again to keep the hair gone for the rest of your life, you could have smooth, permanently hair-free skin forever.

If you are shaving, consider what you spend every month on razors, shaving gels, and the time and effort it takes to shave your back. You’re probably easily spending at least an hour of your time every week grooming your back hair, and for what exactly? Within a couple of days, you just have to do it all over again!

Laser hair removal is permanent hair removal! Once you’re done with your treatments, you’re done with back hair for the rest of your life.  And it is extremely safe! Our lasers are all FDA-approved for hair removal and our laser practitioners are the best in the business.  Worried about what your skin will look like after laser hair removal? While you might have some redness and swelling, this usually only lasts a few hours. And it’s nothing compared to the irritation, redness and hair bumps that you probably get after shaving or using messy, ineffective depilatories and creams.

But it hurts, you think? Come on, if you can get through a session of back waxing, then a session of laser hair removal should seem like a breeze for you. We have many methods that we use to help you feel more comfortable during your treatment and some of them are even built into the lasers we use.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of your back hair permanently, once and for all with laser hair removal. We have treated many men just like you in the Los Angeles and Torrance area. Not only are they thrilled with the results. But they also look great, and can’t believe they waited so long to have laser hair removal!

Still not sure? Take a look at our Laser Hair Removal Before and After Gallery. Give us a call today if you’d like to schedule a free consultation to talk about the totally life-changing experience of laser hair removal.

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