Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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For many people, stretch marks are just an unlucky draw. Whether they appeared during a growth spurt, a pregnancy, or just from gaining weight over time, they can be very upsetting to most people who develop them. Even though they don’t usually hurt, the angry red and purple streaks they leave on your skin can make you self-conscious or embarrassed in certain clothes or a swimsuit.

Have you tried (unsuccessfully) the creams, lotions, oils, and other over-the-counter treatments for stretch marks only to feel more frustrated? If so, consider laser treatments. Yes, they really do work and they can help you improve or get rid of your stretch marks by addressing the underlying factors causing them: the color and the texture. Advanced laser technology is capable of transforming skin’s appearance and making it look smooth, clear, and supple again.

Not everyone offers these laser treatments. They take a great amount of expertise and a wide variety of lasers to create the custom treatment program that’s necessary for stretch mark treatment. But you’re in luck because Celibre Medical Corporation has both! Our expert medical staff and our wide array of technology allow us unprecedented ability to help almost anyone with any type of stretch marks. We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied patients!

Call us today to make your free consultation to discuss laser treatment for your stretch marks. Can you really wear a bikini after a baby? Yes, you can! We would love to help you get back your clear, smooth skin and love the way you look again!

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