Get Rid of Tattoos

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The recent explosion in the popularity of body art has made having a tattoo a commonality these days. You’re in the minority if you don’t have one! With the increase in the popularity of tattoos. There’s also been a parallel increase in people wanting to have them removed. As styles or tastes change or evolve, what once was a cool tattoo may have lost its “cool” factor.

Luckily, laser technology has kept up with the evolution of the tattoo industry. Today, there really isn’t a tattoo that can’t be removed with lasers. Any size, color, or style of a tattoo can be removed permanently if you decide that you don’t want it anymore. What hasn’t changed though, is that some tattoos or ink colors are notoriously difficult to treat and take a lot more time, effort. Cost to get rid of than they did to create in the first place.

Celibre Medical is a leader in laser dermatology in the Southern California area. We’ve helped thousands of people get rid of their unwanted tattoos over the years. We can help you do the same. Our lasers work effectively to break up the tattoo pigment so that it can be cleared by your body over time. Depending on the size and color of your tattoo. A treatment series can take anywhere between 3 to 15 treatments to complete. However, getting rid of a tattoo that you don’t want anymore is well worth the time and effort.

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