How Can I Get Rid of Red Acne Scars?

Acne scars come in all different shapes, textures, colors and sizes. In fact, acne scarring is such a common problem that it’s hard to find medical offices that have the technology and experience to treat all the different types.  Perhaps you’ve experienced this firsthand and have been told that nothing can help your acne type scars? Celibre Medical wants you to know that that’s just not true. There are many effective acne scarring treatments, but finding the one that’s right for you takes a practitioner who has both the experience and equipment necessary to treat your specific type of scarring.

The most common type of acne scarring that we see is red scarring. Red acne scars can affect anyone with acne, but they can be worse in those with fair or light skin types (colors). The redness is a natural reaction of the skin to the inflammation of the acne, and although it feels like it lasts forever, we promise you it is temporary and gets better on its own with time.

We understand that it’s hard to wait for this improvement to happen. Patience is hard enough in daily life…in acne scarring, it’s impossible! Vascular lasers are an effective, safe way to get rid of red acne scars. The V-beam and V-star are two pulsed dye lasers that work well to remove some of the excess blood vessels that have formed in the skin after acne, triggering red scarring. Following treatment, most people notice the redness fades significantly. But sometimes a series of treatments is necessary to help your skin look normal again and make red areas blend in with your natural skin tone.

You don’t have to live with red acne scars. Stop struggling to cover them up with makeup and come and talk to us more about real, effective solutions for red acne scarring.


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