How Can I Get Rid Of Veins on My Hands?

When you think about anti-aging treatments, you might think first about procedures to help your face look smoother, fuller, firmer and less wrinkled. But your face isn’t the only indicator of your age. In fact, many of our patients who’ve had effective facial rejuvenation come to us asking about other areas that they feel don’t “match” their face or give away their age. One of these areas is their hands.

Your hands are exposed to view every day. Depending on your profession or daily activities, they may draw more attention or even take center stage over your face! One of the most frequent complaints about aging hands are prominent, “ropey” looking veins on the backs of the hands. While there’s no great preventative treatment for this, there are effective ways to improve it.

Asclera is an injectable product that can be carefully injected into unwanted veins on the hands. It causes the treated vein to harden or “sclerose” and this triggers the process of the vein being slowly broken down and removed naturally by your body. The treatment is called sclerotherapy. If you’re thinking, “I thought that was a treatment for spider veins on the legs?” you’re right! It’s the same exact process, and it works just as effectively for unwanted veins on your hands.

This treatment is ideal for smaller veins, so if you still have larger ones that you don’t like, sometimes we can couple sclerotherapy with dermal filler treatments of Radiesse.  Radiesse helps to add back fullness to the backs of the hands. This can be an effective camouflage for larger veins. It also helps your hands look fuller, softer and smoother.

Don’t let your hands spoil your age. There are effective anti-aging solutions for your hands and we can help you decide which one is right for you!

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