How Do I Get Rid of the Wrinkle(s) Between My Eyebrows?

Some people have one while others have two, but no matter how many you have, one thing’s for sure: no one likes wrinkles between their eyebrows! Commonly referred to as “11s” (if you’ve got two), these wrinkles are the result of repeated contractions of three different muscle groups between the eyes. They’re typically active with facial expressions like frowning, concentrating or squinting. Over time, they become “hyperactive” and pull the inner part of your eyebrow downward and inward, deepening the lines in the middle.

Botox and Dysport are perfect for these pesky lines. By selectively relaxing these muscles, we can subtly smooth them away and give you a natural, relaxed appearance. Most people also find that Botox (Dysport) in this area helps to lift their inner brows a bit, helping them look more alert and awake.

And if the lines between your brows don’t completely go away with Botox alone, then we can carefully place a small amount of dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm there to help plump and smooth more stubborn lines between the brows. For someone with deeper creases, the combination of these two treatments can literally transform their appearance.

botox los angeles for frown lines before and after photos botox los angeles for frown lines before and after photos

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