How Many Laser Treatments Cherry Hemangiomas

Orange County California spider hemangioma removalCherry or spider hemangiomas are also referred to as “blood freckles.” They are benign vascular lesions (blood vessels) that usually begin to appear on the trunk (torso) of the body and then spread to the extremities. Although not usually a cause for health concern, they usually represent a cosmetic concern to patients.

Spider hemangiomas are effectively treated with several types of medical lasers, and cherry hemangiomas are usually resolved with 1 to 2 laser treatments. Some of the larger blood vessels may only shrink in size after 1 or 2 laser treatments and will require additional treatments to completely resolve them. In any event, most patients are pleased to see dramatic improvement with each and every treatment. There is no downtime involved for treatment of cherry hemangiomas and treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart.

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