How Many Laser Treatments For Age Spots?

Laser Treatment Options for Age Spots

Q-switched lasers are very precise and effective in removing sun (liver, age) spots. The question as to how many laser treatments does it usually require to remove age spots is contingent on whether or not the patient is able and/or willing to have what is referred to as “social downtime.” This term refers to a change in one’s appearance that may hinder them from wanting to return to their usual activities like work or social occasions and can involve light bruising or a dramatic darkening and flaking off of the age spots. In addition to the question of social downtime, the patient’s skin type is extremely important when determining how aggressive laser treatments should be in treating sun or age spots.

For those patients who prefer more aggressive laser treatments (with quicker results), most sun or age spots may be either permanently resolved or dramatically faded in as little as 2-3 treatments. For those that are unable to have more aggressive treatments, sun or age spots will gradually resolve in approximately 6-8 treatments.


Age Spots Laser Treatments before and after pictureslaser age spot removal ong beach before and after pictures
Age spot removal before and after pictures

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