How Many Treatments Will I Need for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Demystifying Laser Tattoo Removal: What You Need to Know

Many patients that we talk to about laser tattoo removal come to us thinking that the procedure is a one shot deal. In reality, it takes multiple treatments to completely remove your tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal is a customized process that requires both a knowledgeable, experienced laser practitioner and the proper technology to perform effectively. To estimate the number of treatments necessary, many factors are considered. Each of them is unique to the individual. Here are a few pointers that can help determine the most accurate answer to this question:

  • How many colors are present in the tattoo? More colors – more treatments.
  • What is your skin type (color)? Darker skin types can require more treatments.
  • Are you willing to accept more aggressive treatments? Aggressive treatments carry a higher risk of change in the underlying skin color but fewer treatments.
  • What kind of experience does your laser tattoo removal practitioner have? The more experience generally the fewer treatments.
  • Will the most current, effective laser technology be used for your laser tattoo removal? Use the most appropriate technology to minimize the number of treatments.

laser tattoo removal los angeles before picture

laser tattoo removal los angeles after picture

It is crucial to ask and answer all these questions to correctly estimate the number of necessary laser tattoo removal treatments. For most of our patients, we can provide results in 4 to 12 treatments. We know that is a broad range, but every tattoo is different. The key to your satisfaction and success with laser tattoo removal really depends on knowing how the process will unfold up front.

If you’re thinking about laser tattoo removal and didn’t discuss any of the above questions during your consultation, then you may want to keep looking. Finding a practice that is comfortable discussing and educating you on laser tattoo removal is ultimately more valuable than the one that simply has the lowest price.

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