Hydroquinone and Melasma

Over the years of treating this common and frustrating condition, we’ve met many women who are dissatisfied with using hydroquinone to treat melasma. Not only have they spent much time and money, they’ve not seen much improvement and feel that it’s only irritated their skin.

We often spend a large amount of time during the consultation discussing this issue. We educate our patients that hydroquinone is a valuable tool in treating melasma, but that it’s only part of a bigger picture.

los angeles melasma before pictures los angeles melasma after pictures
Melasma before and after pictures

That being said, hydroquinone is very useful for melasma, but again, only as one of many treatments that are used in combination. We’ve found that products containing bearberry and kojic acid often augment and enhance the effect of hydroquinone. These are just a couple of complimentary products that we incorporate into a complete, individualized melasma treatment plan.

Finally, we can’t “cure” melasma. However, with the help of our expert nurses, we can tailor a regimen that not only works for you, but that helps your skin look clearer, healthier and more like it did before you developed Melasma.

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