Not Liking Your Neck? Is Kybella an option?

If you are not liking the changes you are seeing with your neck, you are in good company. We know this by the numerous infomercials that cater to this topic.

Besides a plethora of skin care products that claim to help, we are inundated with treatment options using Ulthera, Radiofrequency, Lasers, IPLs, microneedling, PRP, to just name a handful. But what about Kybella?

The new kid on the block is Kybella – an injectable medication similar to old school mesotherapy. With a huge marketing push, Allergan has launched this as a way to address the infamous “waddle” or “Turkey Neck.”

The concept with Kybella is that the medication will basically dissolve fat through an inflammatory process that is initiated upon injection. This procedure involves numerous injection points (up to 60 each visit), causes profound swelling of the neck for several days, and can lead to some concerning complications with the most serious being nerve injury in the mandibular area.

In addition to the risks and discomfort involved, treatments are very pricey with a price tag of $1300 to $2000 PER TREATMENT. The average patient requires more than one treatment, so the treatment program is quite an investment. Further, the best “responder” is generally a patient that does not have significant laxity (extra, hanging, redundant skin). Hmmm…it would seem like the person that has the biggest need may not be the best candidate after all for Kybella.

Regardless of which treatment plan a practice claims to use in treating the delicate area of the neck, there are risks vs. benefits for all options. Safety and efficacy should go hand in hand. Just because something is “new” does not translate to a good treatment option. Even non-invasive options carry risks and should be considered when considering a treatment plan.

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