Laser Resurfacing Costs

If you’ve started researching laser resurfacing then no doubt, you’ve come across a wide range of information on different devices and procedures. If you’ve gone a step further and started pricing it out, you’ve probably noticed the price range is even wider. Many people make the mistake of thinking that laser resurfacing means the same thing across the board. But this isn’t the case at all. There are many different devices capable of delivering different results. Though the end result may be similar (smoother, tighter skin), the technology, aggressiveness, recovery, downtime, and the number of treatments to get that final result can be very different.

If you start with the “gold standard” of laser resurfacing, then you are talking about CO2 laser resurfacing. Although this technology has been around the longest, it is still the best and most aggressive procedure for transforming aged and sun-damaged skin. Deep lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines around the mouth, and forehead wrinkles can all be virtually erased with this type of resurfacing. The average cost per treatment is usually around $4,000 to $6,000. Sounds hefty, but when you consider that this procedure needs to be done with general anesthesia, in a surgery room setting, and requires a lengthy and carefully monitored recovery period, the price tag makes a lot more sense.

If you’re looking for a “one and done” type procedure, CO2 resurfacing is your best bet. But don’t expect to look like a million bucks overnight. The downtime and post-procedure care are extensive. You have to be ready to take good care of your skin while you’re out of commission for a while. And there may be risks of serious complications if your procedure is done by someone inexperienced and less than diligent with your follow-ups.

In the middle, there are other laser resurfacing procedures that aren’t quite as intensive or expensive. Full erbium resurfacing, partial (fractional) CO2 resurfacing, partial (fractional) erbium resurfacing, and Pearl (YSGG) resurfacing may all be options that better fit your budget and lifestyle. The cost of these is about 1/3 that of CO2; usually between $750 and $2000. They don’t require general anesthesia, and the recovery period is less lengthy—four to seven days on average.

On the opposite end, there are some laser resurfacing procedures that don’t have any downtime at all. Treatments like IPL (broad-band light) are very basic procedures that help stimulate collagen while getting rid of brown and red spots. There are also q-switched lasers, pulsed dye lasers, and Erbium glass lasers that all can be used to stimulate collagen and make your skin look smoother without keeping you sidelined at home. While you will most likely require a series of these to see full results, the price tag is generally much lower per treatment. On average, $250 to $750 per treatment session makes these a great choice for many patients who may not need a more intensive, aggressive treatment such as CO2.

Laser resurfacing can be a complicated thing to try to understand for the average person. It is not a one-size-fits-all procedure and you really need to make sure you are partnered with an experienced and qualified practitioner who can offer you a wide range of treatment options that not only fit your physical needs but also your lifestyle and budget! Here at Celibre Medical, we have spent years perfecting the art of laser resurfacing. We can tailor a plan that perfectly fits you and will be here every step of the way to ensure you not only love your results and look amazing but also that you understand and know what to expect with your treatment and recovery. Give us a call today to learn more about our laser resurfacing program.

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