Laser Treatment for Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma = Enlarged Nose. Greek: “rhis” = nose “phyma” = growth.

Rhinophyma has a distinct appearance. Many patients mistakenly worry that they have it because their nose is larger than they prefer. However, rhinophyma is distinct in that the condition worsens over time as the nose grows larger. The result is a fleshy, ruddy, bumpy, and overgrown (swollen looking) nose.

Rosacea, a skin disorder involving too much blood flow to the facial skin, is a primary factor in developing rhinophyma. At this stage, it usually represents advanced and uncontrolled rosacea. Think of Rhinophyma as being too much food supply (blood) being delivered to the nose which, in turn, causes abnormal growth.

Whether you are in the early or late stages of rhinophyma, excellent treatment options are available. Like many conditions, seeking treatment sooner than later results in better outcomes. For mild to moderate stages of Rhinophyma, using our Sciton Profile (Nd: Erbium YAG) fractionated laser is an excellent tool to reduce the bulk of the nose. For advanced cases, surgical correction may be required.

If you have Rosacea and are concerned only with redness to the nose or cheeks, pulsed dye lasers work extremely well. With our Candela VBeam, Cynosure VStar combination we can reduce or eliminate the redness and superficial vascularity associated with Rosacea.

A common associated condition we encounter in our practice is one where the nose looks thick and oily. There are often fleshy bumps and an oily appearance with this condition. These wart-like bumps (sebaceous or oil glands) rise up like small cauliflower growths – creating a uneven texture, large pores, and a cosmetically undesirable appearance. These bumps may also be found in other oily areas of your face including the forehead and inner cheeks (T-zone).

At Celibre Medical, we use an old school, non-laser approach called a Hyfrecator to treat these fleshy bumps. This electrical device is helpful in shrinking or removing the bumps. For larger and more numerous bumps, using the Sciton Profile fractional resurfacing laser is an excellent option.

Although conditions such as rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and oily skin are chronic conditions, there are options to effectively manage and treat them. Early treatment goes a long way in achieving good results, so let us show you how today. Call for a free consultation.

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