Laser Treatments for Nevus of Ota Birthmarks

nevus of ota

If you have a Nevus of Ota birthmark, then it’s possible you’ve considered laser treatment to remove it. These greenish, bluish birthmarks typically appear on the face and can be difficult to hide. If you have or are considering removing your Nevus of Ota birthmark, q-switched laser treatments are an excellent option.

Nevus of Ota birthmarks can appear green, grey or blue because the excess pigment is located deep within the second layer of skin.  Laser light works to remove these birthmarks by penetrating deep into the skin to reach the target. The type of laser light used to target this pigmentation is called q-switched.

Although q-switched lasers work very well to clear these birthmarks, sometimes, we can only achieve partial clearance. Having realistic expectations for your treatment is key to a positive experience with laser treatments.

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